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Yellowstone Windstorm Fells Trees & Cuts Power at Lake Village

On Monday, July 3, a major windstorm and rain event impacted the southern portion of Yellowstone National Park, primarily in the Lake Village area. No fatalities nor severe injuries have been reported. Additionally, there have been no substantial disruptions to visitor services.

“Monday night’s storm event hit the Lake area very hard,” said Yellowstone Superintendent Cam Sholly. “The National Park Service team and our partners quickly stabilized the situation and got recovery efforts started immediately.”

The following information includes details about how the storm impacted the Lake Village area and the ongoing cleanup efforts.

Monday, July 3

  • During the storm, several hundred trees were blown down throughout the area, including around the Lake Hotel, Lake Lodge, Lake Medical Clinic, Lake General Store, Lake employee housing areas, and Bridge Bay Campground and marina.
  • Multiple buildings and vehicles were struck by trees, including a building that is adjacent to the Lake Hotel (see photos). This building and three cabins were evacuated and remain closed for cleanup and repairs.
  • The hotel and clinic lost commercial power for approximately 24 hours.
  • Crews cleared trees from roads, campgrounds, and critical infrastructure.

Tuesday, July 4

  • Crews continued to clear trees from roads, campgrounds, and critical infrastructure.
  • Crews also spent the day doing damage assessments and cleaning up the area.
  • Power was restored to the area in the evening.

Crews will continue cleanup efforts for the next week.  Currently, there are no temporary closures in the area.

Visitors are encouraged to check locally to stay informed.

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