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Mac Watson

Originally from Maryland, Mac Watson has traveled far and wide, working across the country at great radio stations for over 20 years. His first radio talk show debuted two months before 9/11. Talk about a baptism by fire! Mac is a strong conservative voice who’s engaging style and quick wit has helped many businesses share their message across local and national radio platforms. Mac loves the fact that moving to Cody, Wyoming, means being back with family and getting to raise his kids near Yellowstone National Park. Mac and his wife believe in making a difference, having supported many different causes and charities in the past, they are now eager to connect with communities in the Big Horn Basin. Listen to Mac in the Morning live on weekdays from 6 to 8:30 and Speak Your Piece from 9 to 10 am!​
With news of Iran attacking Israel over the weekend, experts believe that gas prices could escalate.  Israel has yet to respond to the drone

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