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Law Enforcement Incident In Yellowstone National Park

Canyon Village

A law enforcement incident has happened in Yellowstone National Park.

Former U.S. park ranger Emergency Manager Pat Bohannan posted on the Yellowstone Insiders Hub Facebook page that Superintendent of the Park, Cam Sholly, posted a statement about what is being described as a shooting incident, saying, “[YNP] have had a significant [law enforcement] incident at Canyon Village which resulted in an injury to one of our LE rangers.”

Sholly went on to say in the release that the ranger who was hurt is in stable condition and was flown to a regional hospital.

The shooting involved a number of other rangers but none were injured in the law enforcement incident.

Sholly said that there is no current threat to anyone in the park and he complimented his team for “an amazing job,” in making sure that people stayed safe.

Other visitors to the park posted that they were safe after the shooting incident at Canyon Village.

Canyon Village is described as a, “basecamp for exploring the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, one of the most popular features in Yellowstone National Park. With a campground, lodge, restaurant, and many viewpoints and trails, it’s easy to spend at least a day in this area.”

Canyon Village is shutdown as the investigation into the incident continues.


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