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Wyoming’s License Plate Comes In First Place In “Coolest License Plate” Rankings

In a recent survey conducted by, the Cowboy State has been voted as having the “coolest license plate” out of all the 50 states in America.

“Wyoming’s license plate stands out from the rest with its striking combination of colors and design elements”, so says the website. The plate features the iconic silhouette of a cowboy on a bucking horse against a backdrop of the state’s majestic mountain range. The vibrant colors and attention to detail make it a standout choice among license plate designs.

Not to be outdone, Wyoming’s next door neighbor, Idaho, secured the second spot in the survey, impressing voters with its scenic beauty captured on its license plate. The design showcases the different landscapes of the Gem State, including its mountains and forests. The plate’s red, white, and blue composition tugs at the heart of patriotism which adds to its appeal.

Taking the third position was Alaska, whose license plate showcases a simple color combination that could withstand any environment. article stated “This license plate is ready for the wilderness. This license plate could get beat up and bent and banged and still slap. You take Arizona’s plate up to Alaska, it’s coming back looking sad. You take this plate out into the frontier (the last one, as it makes a point to mention), and it’s coming back looking triumphant.”

The ranking not only highlights the creativity and thoughtfulness put into license plate designs but also acknowledges the significance of these plates as representative symbols of each state’s identity. The recognition of Wyoming, Idaho, and Alaska as the top three “coolest license plates” reflects the pride and appreciation for the unique features and attractions of these states.

License plates serve as more than mere identification on vehicles; they act as miniature canvases for artistic expression and cultural representation. The article emphasizes the impact of thoughtful design choices in capturing the essence of a state’s beauty and character through this often overlooked aspect of everyday life.

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