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VIDEO: Big Horn Cinemas Opened New Luxury Auditorium September 29

Big Horn Cinemas opened the new and improved “Theater Number 3” on Friday, September 29.

Owner of Big Horn Cinemas, Tony Beaverson, revealed the renovation in a recent video, highlighting the new 68 high-quality luxury recliner seats at Cody’s hometown movie theater.

“We started with 130 seats in here, built on concrete and steel risers,” said Beaverson. “We tore that stuff out. We went back to the original floor, and now we have 68 high-quality, luxury recliners for you to enjoy your viewing experience here at Big Horn Cinemas.”

The new renovation will transform the movie-watching experience, complete with plush recliners and heated seats at the push of a button.

“In the dead of winter, you can come in with a blanket or not, push that button, and you’re gonna be warm,” said Beaverson. “It’s just all apart of what we are doing for you, our customers.”

Now through Thursday, October 5, Theater Number 3 is playing “The Creator”, but you can get a sneak peek of the new Theater Number 3 in Beaverson’s video below.


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