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SYP: City Of Cody Meeting On Proposed LDS Temple

Today, I took a different approach on Speak Your Piece. I didn’t have a guest; the person I wanted to hear from was you. If you attended the meeting last night at the Cody Auditorium, I wanted to hear your opinion of what happened at the Public Meeting at the Cody Auditorium about the proposed LDS temple that will be built on Skyline Drive.  The silence was deafening. I had one caller. One. The caller didn’t attend the meeting, so I had to let her go.  I know the community is talking about this, I read the social media posts, I see people in the grocery store.  This is an important issue that we need BOTH sides to talk about the proposal.  Thank you to Terry Skinner from Preserve Our Cody Neighborhoods who took my invitation to heart and came to the radio station to express his opinion. He attended the meeting and described what happened from his point of view.


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