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Special Planning, Zoning and Adjustment Board Meeting Held to Discuss “Findings of Fact”

It’s almost time for the last Planning, Zoning, and Adjustment Board Meeting regarding the proposed temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, proposed at 555 Temple View Lane. 

Before that meeting can take place, the members of the Planning, Zoning, and Adjustment Board had to discuss the “Findings of Fact” from the meeting held on June 27 in order to solidify the information they will present and contemplate at the next executive meeting. All information must be agreed upon and be entirely clear. 

Last night, the board members convened to discuss those “Findings of Fact” in regards to the Conditional Use Permit as well as the Special Exemptions for the proposed temple. Specifically, they discussed the different findings with the intention of eliminating any subjective information and replacing it with specific and objective details. For example, they would remove adjectives and phases such as “so much” and “great” as long as it does not change the original meaning. Their goal was also to get rid of any claims information that could be identified as speculative and could not be proven as factual. 

4.9 acres on Skyline Drive for proposed LDS temple site. (Photo courtesy of Mac Watson).

There were a few details on the findings that some of the members had disagreements about. One of the more prominent disagreements was about the illumination of the building. The way that the terms were defined on the document were stated in comparison to the buildings surrounding it. Some believed that the comparison should be eliminated or broadened to compare structures in the whole town. Additionally, there was disaccord on the top of the tower height itself, and whether it would be defined as a roof or as a spire. The interpretation of the building holds a lot of power over whether or not the structure is in accordance with the City Code.

Chairman Carson Rowley noted that all of them will have their personal opinions on the matter itself which they are required to refrain from corrupting their decisions during the meeting. That being said, the reason that they held this meeting was to ensure that even if one of them was corrupted by their point of view, the seven of them together would be able to ensure that the end recording of the “Findings of Fact,” were accurate. 

Another aspect that the members needed to clear up in the meeting were the references to significant city texts. For some cases, they were not allowed to discuss further until the executive meeting held on July 25th, 2023. 

They have refrained from making any action on the matter until that time. 

There was no mention of the recent lawsuit filed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints against Cody’s Planning, Zoning and Adjustment Board.

For more information on the special meeting held July 19, please contact the City of Cody office.

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