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Representative Harriet Hageman (R-WY) Statement On Hunter Biden And DOJ Corruption

Congresswoman Harriet Hageman (R-WY) is reacting to the recent ruling that President Biden’s son, Hunter, reached a plea deal that has caused a political firestorm over independence of the judicial system.

Rep. Hageman is blasting the two-tiered criminal justice system, which she says, “has been further exposed by whistleblower testimony and evidence that clearly revealed the Biden family business of selling access to their patriarch, Joe Biden.” The newly disclosed information comes on the heels of Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea agreement with federal prosecutors, which will keep him out of jail despite being charged with a gun crime and tax evasion.

Representative Hageman states, “Hunter Biden sent a menacing text to a Chinese businessman connected to the Communist Party of China, threatening him over money the Bidens were promised, and claiming that his father, Joe Biden, was sitting right next to him at that moment. This is the same Joe Biden that has for years claimed that he’s never had a single conversation with his son about his business.”

Democrats see the plea deal of the Hunter Biden investigation as proof that the judicial system is fair and independent. Their rationale is that not even a president’s son can escape the consequences of criminal behavior.

Former President Donald Trump and his Republican allies are arguing that a plea deal resulting in misdemeanors and no jail time smacks of “preferential treatment” for a powerful family.

Voters will ultimately referee the dispute.  Until the election in 2024, Hageman is voicing her opinion saying that the system is weighted, unfair and the truth has not come out yet.

“Joe Biden must now tell us, who is the liar? Has he been lying about his ignorance of his son’s influence peddling, or is Hunter the one who’s lying? The president must answer.”

As Hunter Biden’s criminal record becomes part of the national debate, the Biden camp hopes voters will conclude that law enforcement operates independently, an issue that Rep. Hageman has vigorously addressed. The White House press secretary last year said that the president had “never” discussed any investigations into his family with the Justice Department.

“We’ve also learned that the Department of Justice, which is supposed to enforce federal law, often warned Hunter Biden’s lawyers about their investigations in advance, giving him and his business associates time to hide, obscure, or destroy evidence,” The Representative from Wyoming states. “This ought to be a scandal of massive proportion, because it reveals the machinery of the federal government to be servicing the needs of the elite few, rather than the interests of law-abiding citizens. Democrats impeached President Trump twice for bogus reasons, and they’re still hounding him unjustly in the legal system today. It’s high time for people named Biden to be held accountable for what they’ve done.”

Over the past year, President Biden has maintained that his son is innocent of all charges, even going so far to say that his son did “nothing wrong,” while first lady Jill Biden has said, “I know that Hunter is innocent.

Federal prosecutors disagreed, and ruled this week that they had reached a plea deal with the President’s son. After the plea agreement was announced Tuesday, the Bidens issued a short statement saying that they love and support Hunter as he “continues to rebuild his life.”

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