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Rare “Ring Of Fire” Solar Eclipse Will Be Visible This Saturday In Wyoming

Wyomingites will be treated to a celestial treat this Saturday when a rare solar eclipse will be in the sky.

People from Oregon to Texas will be able to see the event when the moon passes in front of the sun and creates an appearance of an illuminated “ring of fire” in the sky.  According to NASA, the path of annularity will be able to view the full “ring of fire” effect.
While those outside the path of annularity might not get to see the rare “ring of fire,” many will be able to witness the moon partially block the sun.
Big Horn Basin Meteorologist Don Day says the forecast for the Big Horn Basin should be a hit-or-miss probability enough to witness the phenomenon. “The forecast for Saturday is dry with a mix of high clouds and sun, so we may have a few challenges with the high clouds that will be around in patches at the time of the eclipse.” Day reminds those looking skyward to be careful as looking directly at the sun can cause eye damage.  “Make sure to wear eye protection and look at the path [of the eclipse].
Some people use telescopes or very dark sunglasses to see the eclipse. However, NASA also suggests alternative ways to watch the celestial event. Because the sun is never fully covered during an annular eclipse, it’s not safe to directly look at the sun.

According to NASA, annular solar eclipses occur when the moon passes between the Earth while still being at its farthest point away from Earth. The moon, being farther away from us, appears smaller than the sun and does not fully cover it, resulting in the “ring of fire” illusion.

The word annular is derived from the Latin word “annulus” which means ring, according to

The last time North America witnessed the “Ring of Fire” eclipse was back in May of 2012.

You might not want to miss Saturday’s phenomenon, since it won’t happen again until 2046.


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