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Planning, Zoning and Adjustment Special Board Meeting to be Held on Tuesday, July 25

The City of Cody’s Planning, Zoning, and Adjustment Board will be holding a special meeting Tuesday, July 25 to discuss items that were tabled from the June 17 meeting about the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints proposed temple development.

On the agenda, the board will consider correcting the Minutes of the June 15 special meeting, relating to the Site Plan of the proposed temple.

Last week, the LDS Church filed a lawsuit against the City of Cody’s Planning, Zoning, and Adjustment Board claiming that there was a majority vote in favor of the temple’s Site Plan at the June 17 meeting and would like judicial review of the failed motion.

Cody Temple exterior elevations screenshot

Courtesy City of Cody & Haskell Architecture and Engineering

Also on the agenda is the tabled item from the June 17 meeting, which is the Consideration of the Site Plan. It is noted that the consideration of this agenda item is contingent upon the outcome of the consideration to correct the Minutes of the June 15 meeting.

The Board will also consider amending the findings of the Conditional Use Permit for the proposed temple.

If there are any questions related to July 25’s meeting or the proposed LDS temple, please contact the City of Cody.

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