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Park County Fair 2023 – List Of Events

Today is the first day of the Park County Fair in Powell! There will be loads of fun all week, so be sure to check out the list of events that will be happening and get tickets in advance!


The first day of the fair is an exciting one. The classic carnival rides will be accompanied by different food options and a beer garden. Later, Pig Wrestling will commence, brought to you by Big Horn Basin Media. The grandstands will open at 6pm, and the mud scrambling will begin shortly after!


This is the day where everyone can see all of the livestock at the fair as well as the young farmers who worked so hard to raise their animals! Show your support for these hard workers and stop by to look at their projects! Stick around for the beer garden, carnival, food, live music! After that, the grandstands will host the stock dog trials, where you can see the athletic dogs in action. The grandstands will open at 6pm. 


There’s more! Show up at the fairgrounds at 6pm to see a live concert performed by Tris Munisck and the Innocents. Tickets are $10 or $15 for the box and the floor. Get there early to enjoy all of the rides, vendors, and livestock. 


Go down to the county fair to watch the figure 8 racing! The grandstands will open at 5pm, and tickets are $15 for general admission and $20 for box seating. The thrill of this event will make the seats fill up quickly, so make sure you get there early! If you are loving the motorized events, stay tuned for Saturday’s demolition derby!

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