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Park County Animal Shelter Cannot Intake More Animals

The Park County Animal Shelter is a fantastic resource for strays and surrendered animals in northwest Wyoming and has expanded its capabilities since moving into its new location. But even if the staff of the Shelter has unlimited empathy and passion for their work, unlimited resources aren’t a reality.

And in June 2023, that reality is starting to bite.

On Wednesday, June 21, the Park County Animal Shelter announced it has reached capacity in its new facility. With a recent influx of animals – primarily kittens – the Shelter cannot accept more animals.

“Park County Animal Shelter has 194 animals under our care. We can not intake any more animal surrenders or even public stays. We have had a really tough kitten season, and the numbers continue to grow. We are financially incapable of taking in any more animals.”

“Kitten season” is the time of year when it’s warm enough for cats to begat kittens. While cute, the season consistently puts a strain on the time and resources of the Shelter as more pregnant cats and kittens arrive and require care.

The Park County Animal Shelter’s staff and volunteers are dedicated to doing whatever they can to help animals under its care and often work with fewer resources than ideal. The announcement that they cannot take in more animals is a clear sign of the urgency of the situation.

Fostering animals undoubtedly benefits the Shelter, even though they are “still financially responsible” for their fosters.

The best way to support the Park County Animal Shelter is through a direct donation.

“If you would like to donate to Park County Animal Shelter, you can donate in person Monday-Saturday 12-5 p.m. or online at $5 can improve the life of a shelter animal today.”

Listen to Park County Animal Shelter Veterinary Technician and Feline Care Specialist Jackie Hinther discuss “kitten season” and the needs of the facility on Speak Your Piece with Mac Watson:


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