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Man Who Tussled With A Bison In Yellowstone National Park Was Injured, Charged.


A visitor to Yellowstone National Park was injured after a close encounter with a bison.

Police say it happened at West Entrance Road near the Seven Mile Bridge.

Rangers were called to the scene by witnesses who say the 40-year-old man from Idaho was reportedly harassing a herd of bison and even kicked one of the animals in the leg.

Police arrested Clarence Yoder, of Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Also arrested was the driver of the car he was riding in, 37-year-old McKenna Bass, of Idaho Falls, Idaho, for DUI and other charges.  Both were also charged with disturbing wildlife.

Yoder sustained minor injuries from his encounter with the bison.  Rangers transported him to a nearby medical facility where he was evaluated, treated and released.  He then was transported to the Gallatin County Detention Center.

Both Yoder and Bass have pleaded not guilty to the charges…which carry a maximum sentence of 6-months in jail and a $5-thousand dollar fine.


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