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Large Bison Traps Man in Bathroom in Yellowstone

A man was stuck inside a bathroom at Yellowstone National Park Tuesday because a large bison was outside the door.

Although the man did the right thing by waiting for the bison to move away from the door, onlookers took a video of the incident.

Originally recorded by Taylor Caropolo, the video was shared to the Facebook group “Yellowstone: Invasion of the Idiots.”

Don’t let the name of the social media page fool you, the man who was trapped inside the bathroom was not an idiot. He actually made an extremely smart choice to wait for the bison to move and acted in accordance with National Park rules.

Regardless, the incident is a humorous reminder that when in nature, expect the unexpected.

On the video, one child yelled, “Look at the guy peeping out!”

Caropolo questioned the intelligence of those who got close to the bison to take photos, noting that the animal was “massive”.

“One older lady got within a parking spot of him. Her grandkids were yelling at her to get back,” he said.

According to Cowboy State Daily, Spokesperson for Yellowstone National Park, Linda Veress congratulated the man for waiting out the bison.

“He did the right thing by waiting for the bison to move away from the restroom,” Veress said. “The distance requirements remain the same.”

Veress reminded visitors about the distance requirements, which is to stay at least 25 yards away from a bison, but preferably more as they are unpredictable animals.

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