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Fulbright Scholar in Residence Peter Sabella to Speak at NWC on August 30

Fulbright Scholar in Residence (S-I-R), Peter Sabella will be visiting Northwest College for a pair of presentations on Wednesday, August 30.

The first presentation will be held at the Bloom-Wilson Intercultural House from 12-1 p.m. The second presentation will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Yellowstone Building Conference Center.

Both sessions are free and open to the public.

Sabella’s afternoon presentation, titled “The Middle East: A Crisis of Identity, An Insider’s Testimony on the Struggles of Christian Life”, will also include lunch.

Wednesday evening’s talk in the Yellowstone Building is called “In Search of a Common Sense of Justice! A Historical Review of the American Role in the Middle East Process, 1948-2023.”

As a Palestinian Christian from Jerusalem, Sabella brings the unique perspective of being both Palestinian and Israeli.

Sabella has also worked as an Emergency Program Officer at the Italian Consulate where he identified, designed, and implemented emergency interventions and humanitarian aid in the West Bank and Gaza. His work in one of the world’s most chronic locations of conflict focused on health issues, the provision of medical supplies, solving infrastructure problems, and urgent food delivery to the area’s most vulnerable people.

Sabella has a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible and deep understanding of religions in the Middle East. He possesses the unique ability to interconnect those subjects with history, archaeology, politics, and theology. He is currently a leading licensed tour guide for tourist and pilgrim groups visiting the Holy Land.

Sabella received his Master of Arts in Peace and Development Studies in Sweden from the University of Guttenberg, and his bachelor’s in business administration from Bethlehem University.

He is also the author of multiple books, and his master’s thesis, which assessed the role of American mediation in the 1978 and 2000 Camp David Summits, earned a University Distinction Award.

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