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First Bank of Wyoming Awards Grant to Habitat for Humanity

First Bank of Wyoming has partnered with Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines to award a grant to Habitat for Humanity from the FHLB Des Moines Member Impact Fund.

The goal of this fund is to help connect First Bank of Wyoming and similar financial institutions, directly with local organizations to create value and a lasting impact that helps advance the positive work being done in our communities.

Kody Schlauch, the new Executive Director of Habitat For Humanity, said “It’s great to be welcomed into this program with such a great group of people. Being partnered with First Bank of Wyoming and so many other great organizations helps us carry out our mission to provide safe and affordable housing to families in need.”

In the photo [left to right]: Morgan Noel (Loan Officer of First Bank of Wyoming – Powell & Habitat Board Member), Kaci Sessions (Habitat Board Member), Kody Schlauch (New Executive Director), Trace Paul (Branch President of First Bank of Wyoming – Powell), Andy Nelson (Commercial Lender of First Bank of Wyoming – Powell), Amy Wells (Vice President of Habitat’s Board), Paulette Bagnell (President of Habitat’s Board) [COURTESY PHOTO]

Schlauch also expressed gratitude to former director Nikki Hoellwarth, who helped develop the program in our local community. “Nikki Hoellwarth helped build this program up, and I hope to follow in her footsteps, it’s some big shoes to fill,” said Schlauch.

The most important objective of Habitat for Humanity currently is to get the home builds started for the families that were selected earlier this year.

“It’s going to be an amazing project and we welcome anyone with open arms who is interested in helping, donating, or volunteering!” Schlauch said.

The need for Habitat for Humanity to receive these funds was indicated by their many programs and daily operations. The funds will help offset increased costs of building materials, revitalization projects, continued growth of their second hand stores and the “Fresh Start Program”.

For more information about Mountain Spirit Habitat for Humanity’s projects, volunteer opportunities, or how to get involved, go visit their Shop on Bent, or ReStore at their Powell or Cody locations. They can also be reached through their website or contact directly by phone at 307-254-7004.

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