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Fee Free Day on Public Lands in Honor of Great American Outdoors Act Anniversary

The Department of Interior will be celebrating the third anniversary go the signing of the Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA) this Friday, August 4 by offering free admission to all public lands managed by the Department.

GAOA is a bipartisan investment that was developed to improve visitor experiences, bolster climate resistance, and invest in the economy by creating well-paying jobs in national parks, wildlife refuges, recreational areas, and Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) funded schools.

Former President Donald J. Trump signed the bill into law in 2020. Since the legislation went into effect in 2021, GAOA funded projects have supported an average of 17,000 jobs and added roughly $1.8 billion into local economies every year.

It is projected the by the year 2024, the Interior Department will propose 56 projects that will support 17,500 jobs and generate over $1.9 billion into the economy.

Thanks to the contributions to public lands from the Great American Outdoors Act, entrance fees will be waived across the country, including entrance into Yellowstone National Park.

It is important to note that the only fees that are waived are the entrance fee, not other fees such as overnight camping, cabin rentals, use of special areas and group day use permits.

The anniversary celebration will also kickoff a month-long tour by the Department’s leaders across the United States, where they will visit GAOA public land projects. Deb Haaland, Secretary of the Interior, will be traveling to Yosemite National Park to see first-hand how GAOA funding has bolstered critical water, electrical, camping, and housing infrastructure in the park.

“The Great American Outdoors Act ensures that our public lands are safe and accessible for all visitors and staff by investing billions of dollars in infrastructure projects. I was proud to co-sponsor this historic law, which provides critical investments in our public lands to ensure they are ready to meet the challenges of climate change, while boosting the American economy by creating good-paying jobs,” said Secretary Haaland.

Secretary Haaland continued, “As our public lands continue to meet increased visitation, GAOA complements President Biden’s Investing in America agenda to strengthen our infrastructure and prepare it to meet future needs.”

To learn more about the impact the Interior Department is making with the Great American Outdoors Act, visit the GAOA website.

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