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Cody Library Announced as Honorable Mention for Best Small Library in America 2023

Library Journal announced the Cody Library as an honorable mention for the Best Small Library in America for 2023.

These annual awards were created in 2005 to showcase the exemplary work of libraries across the United States that serve populations under 25,000 people.

Only two honorable mentions are selected in conjunction with the award winner.

As the main branch of the Park County Library System, the Cody Library gives the citizens of Cody more than just books by giving access to quality internet, meeting spaces, along with health and business resources.

The library provides the community a Health and Resource Center, in collaboration with the Cody Medical Foundation and an Outreach Garden that provides a hands-on approach to nature literacy and education.

The Library Journal also mentioned in their announcement that the Cody Library has wellness and nature backpacks that are available to checkout, a café that employs special needs adults, and a seed library.

These offerings and many more are not the only thing that made this small town library stand out. The Cody Library all eliminated late fees and has expended hours to remove the traditional barriers often keeping the public from using public libraries.

As an honorable mention, the Cody Library will receive a $1,000 prize.

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