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Cody Cubs Baseball Welcomes the World and More Back to Cody

It’s going to be a fun week at the ballpark. We’ve just about hit the halfway point in the season and the Cubs are set to welcome the World back to Cody, once again.

This week the Cubs will play host to a trio of teams, none bigger that the Worland Baseball Showcases, an international team made up of players form all over the world. This will be the 4th year now that the Cubs have played host to the World.

According to their Facebook page: World Baseball Showcases provides international baseball development through competitive games and once in a lifetime experiences. They provide the opportunity for international baseball players to develop and pursue their dream of playing college or professional baseball. Our trips consist of a competitive schedule of games nearly every day as well as once in a lifetime experiences experiences along the way. The players are coached by an elite coaching staff with ties to college and professional baseball.

And how did an international team such as this find their way to Cody?

Assistant coach of the Cubs Andy Schroeder and Head Coach of the International Team, Steve Fish, went to college together. Schroeder once explained in an interview, back in 2020, exactly how he helped make this happen. Full interview here: 

In addition, the Cubs will also welcome in a team from Colorado as well as the 406 Flyers out of Billings.

According to Head Coach Beau White, the manager of the Arapahoe Colorado team, Jim Dollaghan, is originally from Cody Wyoming. More on that later.

The Full schedule for this weekend is below:

June 21:

5:00 Cody vs. Arapahoe Co (9 innings)Cancelled due to the Weather

June 23:

12:00 Cody vs. World Team 2- Live on KODI

2:30 406 Flyers vs. World Team 2

5:00 406 Flyers vs. Arapohoe Co

7:30 Cody vs. Arapahoe Co- Live on KODI

June 24:

12:00 World Team 2 vs. 406 Flyers

2:30 406 Flyers vs.Arapahoe Co

5:00 Arapahoe vs. World Team 1

7:30 Cody vs. World Team 1- Live on KODI

June 25:

12:00 Arapahoe Co vs. World Team 2

2:30 Cody vs. 406 Flyers- Live on KODI

5:00 Cody vs. World Team SS- Live on KODI

For more information on this series and a look back at how last years meetings played out, click below:

Cody Cubs Conquer The World

Cubs Welcome the World back to Cody

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