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Cody Businessman Will Run For Wyoming Legislature


A Cody businessman says now is the time for him to run for the Wyoming Legislature.

Landon Greer is a local businessman as well as a former city councilman who will run for Senate District 18. Saying he brings certain skills to the table, Greer wants to help people in Park County as well as the state.

“I feel like I have a skill set that be a conservative voice, but be civil and respectful and willing to have conversations with people that I don’t agree with, and try to work through those issues in a civil and respectful way,” he told the Powell Tribune.

Pointing out that there is “divisiveness” and “vitriol” between Republicans, Greer has experience being on the Cody city council from 2013 to 2020.

During this past legislative session, the Wyoming legislature saw in-fighting among the GOP, and as former chairman of the Laramie County Republican Party wrote in WyoFile, “dysfunctional.”

One stunning example was how far apart both the Wyoming House and Senate were during budget negotiations with both sides accusing each other of bad faith, ultimately leading to House members to walk away, and creating a stalemate.  Cowboy State Daily reported that Senate President Ogden Driskill’s (R-Devils Tower) leadership was constantly challenged during the last budget session with numerous votes looking to overturn his rulings.

Greer is challenging incumbent Tim French (R-Powell) in August’s primary election. The Senate 18 District encompasses the City of Cody, the North and South forks (including Wapiti), the towns of Sunlight/Crandall, Clark and Ralston.

Since graduating from Cody High School, he’s worked at Quality Asphalt Paving, which was founded by his dad 1998. Greer and his wife now own the company.

Because family is important to him, Greer says he wants to create opportunities for future generations for people in Park County.  That includes rolling back regulations or creating incentives as Wyoming needs to help businesses start and grow “to keep our young people here, and give them opportunities to stay in the state and quit exporting them to other places,” he says.

One issue that concern many citizens in Park County is property taxes. Greer knows it is a concern and says he wants to provide solutions that can be hashed out in some form of working group, whether within the Legislature or elsewhere.

Abortion has been a top issue for the Republican party this election, and Greer says he supports much of the Wyoming Legislature’s initiatives to limit access to abortions. But, he’s in no rush to pass more legislation since many laws are tied up in the courts.  Instead, he wants to take a “wait and see” strategy.  

“Let’s get through what we’ve got and if … we’ve got to fix that stuff, then let’s fix it and make it constitutional,” he told the Powell Tribune, adding, “I want the stuff to make sense, to be logical, fact-based, less emotional, and, more than anything, constitutional.”

As far as other races in Wyoming and other states, will he start mud-slinging against his opponent? Greer says definitely not, as delving into internecine barbs and attacks doesn’t align with his wanting to work with others and get things done.  

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