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City of Cody Closing Select Roads for Annual Chip Seal Project

The City of Cody has begun their annual chip seal project on select roadways across the city.

This is a preventative measure taken to help maintain roadways to prevent water damage, improve pavement lifespan, and improve a smoother driving experience for all travelers.

Water is a persistent threat to Cody’s roadway infrastructure, especially as the Big Horn Basin has experienced more moisture than years prior.

Water will seep into the pavement during the rainy and snowy months. Add temperature fluctuations that cause the pavement to expand adds a recipe for disasters, as the results cause cracks and asphalt damage.

Chip sealing protects, such as the one Cody will be having, will help combat this cycle of pavement degradation. It also help with extending the pavement life and minimizing traffic disruptions.

City of Cody Streets and Vehicle Maintenance Superintendent, Rob Kramer said, “The City of Cody’s annual chip sealing is a cost-effective maintenance tool, helping to renew our road surfaces for a fraction of the cost compared to rebuilding a road.”

“Moreover, the chip sealing process is quick, allowing traffic to resume as usual within the same day and avoiding the inconvenience of lengthy road closures for repairs or full reconstruction,” continued Kramer.

The chip seal project will affect select streets on the following schedule with weather and equipment availability permitting:

Tuesday, August 1st
Beck Avenue (11th Street to 17th Street)
Wednesday, August 2nd
Beck Avenue (8th Street to 11th Street)
10th Street (Sheridan Avenue to Canyon Avenue)
Thursday, August 3rd
11th Street (Sheridan Avenue to Canyon Avenue)
Southfork Avenue
12th Street (Sheridan Avenue to Cody Avenue)
Friday, August 4th
13th Street (Sheridan Avenue to Alger Avenue)
14th Street (Sheridan Avenue to Alger Avenue)
15th Street (Sheridan Avenue to Alger Avenue)
16th Street (Sheridan Avenue to Alger Avenue)
Monday, August 7th
Skyline Drive (Southfork Avenue to Canal)
9th Street (Sheridan Avenue to Beck Avenue)
9th Street (Cody Avenue to Canyon Avenue)
Tuesday, August 8th
Cody Avenue (8th Street to 12th Street)
Canyon Avenue (8th Street to 11th Street)
Wednesday, August 9th
Park Avenue
Simpson Avenue
9th Street (Canyon Avenue to Simpson Avenue)
Gerrans Avenue
Thursday, August 10th
River View Drive (Spruce Drive to Canyon View Avenue)
Canyon View Court
Canyon View Avenue (Canyon View Court to 7th St)
5th Street (River View Drive to Canyon View Avenue)
Friday, August 11th
6th Street (River View Drive to Canyon View Avenue)
7th Street (River View Drive to Canyon View Avenue)
8th Street (River View Drive to Canyon View Avenue)
Spruce Drive
12th Street (River View Drive to Elm Avenue)
Tri Power Court
White Water Court
Blue Water Court
Monday, August 14th
Road 2AB
Tuesday, August 15th
Road 2AB

The process to chip seal the street of Cody involves immense coordination and organization to provide a moisture seal on the asphalt and provide a new driving surface .

During the process, a tanker will spray heated liquid asphalt “oil” onto each road lane evenly, followed by a chip distributor that deposits the rock “chips” onto the oil surface to create a smooth layer.

Rollers will then press the rock chips into the new layer of oil to create proper compaction.  Once completed, traffic can resume the roads almost immediately.

The most noticeable benefit is that motorists will be able to enjoy a smoother driving experience as the oil cures over the following weeks.

“The curing process does some time for the liquid asphalt to fully harden, so drivers are advised to lower their speeds and be aware of loose rocks on the roadways after the project is completed in mid-August,” Kramer said.

For more information about the upcoming chip sealing project or specific road maintenance projects, please contact the City of Cody Streets Division.

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