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Bear Spray Giveaway and Robobear Training to be Held August 30

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will be giving away approximately 100 cans of bear spray to individuals holding a valid Wyoming Hunting or Fishing license on a first come first serve basis on August 30 at 10 am at their Regional Office in Cody.

This is made possible thanks to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, SCI Foundation, American Bear Foundation, Campfire Conservation Fund, and Mystery Ranch.

Bear spray training will be given utilizing a remote-controlled charging bear simulator known as “Robobear”. This specialized training creates a time stressed situation, which allows participants to try to access their bear spray when a bear is charging at them.

Other bear education opportunities will be available such as demonstrations on electric fence installations, tactics for camping and tents, and more.

“Bear spray is an effective deterrent in an aggressive bear encounter, and we hope this effort continues to raise awareness and remind those recreating in bear country to be prepared and stay safe,” WGFD Bear Conflict Manager, Brian DeBolt said. “In addition to the giveaway, Game and Fish and the Forest Service will have biologists on hand to talk about bear ecology, conservation and promoting ‘Bear Wise’ proactive behavior to reduce conflict potential.”

Event opportunities like this are a great chance to practice with bear spray and learn more about these unpredictable animals. Most people who enter the backcountry are not prepared in the event they encounter a bear.

SCIF Large Carnivore Program Manager, Maria Davidson said “Robobear has been a valuable addition to these bear spray giveaways, because it’s difficult to know how you will react in a high stress situation. So, planning and practice are critical.”

For more information, please contact the Cody Regional Wyoming Game and Fish office or email Davidson at

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