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Barrasso Announces Campaign for U.S. Senate


Wyoming Doctor and Senator John Barrasso has announced that he will run for election to represent Wyoming in the U.S. Senate.

The Barrasso campaign released a video announcing his plan Wednesday.

Barrasso opened by speaking about the death of his wife Bobbi.

“I want to thank you for the prayers and the kindness you’ve shown,” Barrasso said, addressing the outpouring of support he received following his wife’s passing this year.

“Bobbi loved this state and its people. As do I. I want to continue fighting for you, working for Wyoming, and getting results,” he said.

Barrasso’s lone opponent in the race so far is Casper resident and business owner Reid Rasner, who is running as a Republican “America First” candidate.  Rasner says his key priorities include legislating term limits in Congress, completing the construction of the border wall, eliminating excessive spending, and streamlining burdensome regulations across various sectors.

In his announcement video, Barrasso highlighted his successful partnership with the Trump Administration to promote Wyoming energy and his opposition to Biden spending and border policies that resulted in record-high inflation and a flood of illegal immigrants.

“In the Senate, I led the fight against Joe Biden’s America-last energy policies,” Barrasso said. “I worked with President Trump for America to be energy independent and put Wyoming energy first. We’ll do it again.”

Likewise, former President Trump endorsed Barrasso in a recent statement saying in part, “John Barrasso is a fantastic Senator for the incredible people of Wyoming.  I know John very well – he will never let you down.”

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