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Powell River Access Officially Open After Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Powell Chamber of Commerce and Powell Mayor, John Wetzel held a ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday, September 27 to celebrate the Park County Outdoor Rec Collaborative’s new access point to the Shoshone River.

This locally led boat ramp project backed by the State of Wyoming and managed by Mayor Wetzel, was funded by the Wyoming Outdoor Rec Office, with engineering services being donated by EA Engineering.

Moving forward, the boat ramp that’s location is owned by Wyoming Department of Transportation, will be managed by the Wyoming Game and Fish.

The Powell Economic Partnership is the convener of the Park County Outdoor Rec Collaboration and is the largest collaborative in the state.

Last year, the Powell Economic Partnership hosted a clean-up last year  in which 20 volunteers came and picked up garbage and painted over graffiti.

The collaborative has multiple projects they are currently working on. For more information, contact Rebekah Burns.

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